The Science Behind Our Patented IsoCaps Technology

The Science Behind Our Patented IsoCaps Technology

Oil and water do not mix.  This is an age-old problem.  IsoCaps are nanoparticles made entirely of the “active” ingredient, CoQ10 or CBD for example, and a carrier like vitamin E.  IsoCaps were invented by Physik’s parent company, Spoke Sciences. 

Instead of trying to dissolve a lot of the active ingredient which requires extreme amounts of surfactant, maybe 5% of the entire finished product, Spoke suspends the active ingredient in the water.  And, we do this using 1/30th the amount of surfactant making for a healthier more elegant product. 

To picture this, think of dust in the air.  Of course, the air does not dissolve the dust, but the dust particles are small and light enough to be carried by air currents, preventing them from settling to the ground.  Similarly, Physik’s active nanoparticles are so tiny that the random motions of water molecules (Brownian motion) keep them afloat. These nanoparticles are constantly bombarded by the water molecules from all directions, thus allowing them to remain suspended in the formulation.

Once applied the active ingredient, which is naturally compatible with the skin because its lipophilic is absorbed and gets to work.

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