Who is Spoke Sciences?

Spoke Sciences is an ingredient technology company developing innovative approaches to provide better, safer, and more reliable functional ingredients to foods, beverages, and cosmetics. Our team of pharmaceutical and consumer products industry veterans combine the best ideas from pharma and consumer products and applies them in novel ways for improved consumer goods. 

What Does Spoke Sciences Do?

Working independently or jointly with our customers, we design solutions that deliver the most advanced functional ingredients on the market, purposely formulated to solve significant industry pain points: solubility, stability, taste problems and manufacturability.

Where is Spoke Sciences?

Spoke Sciences is based out of Bainbridge Island, WA where the Puget Sound merges with the violent waters of the Pacific Ocean. The inspiration, knowledge and scientific power spans south to California, east to New York and Pennsylvania and beyond the continent to contribute to the success of our mission.

Why Does Spoke Sciences Do This?

We're driven by the evolving focus on proactive health & wellness practices, and the embrace of new strategies for illness prevention and enhanced vitality. Consumers are increasingly looking for plant-derived & functional ingredients in their consumer products. But, many of those beneficial compounds, being lipophilic, don't dissolve in water, and rely on the use of undesirable solvents and surfactants to make them usable.

Traditional surfactant-based formulation methods can present health issues, impart unpleasant tastes, result in stability issues, and pose manufacturing challenges.  Additionally, traditional approaches are often limited in their ability to deliver  high quality of functional ingredients in clinically relevant amounts.

Spoke's mission is to address these challenges using advanced technologies, offering solutions for health-conscious and natural products consumers.