Recovery Based in Science, Using Nature’s Best Ingredients
PHYSIK is where cutting-edge technology meets natural relief. Our commitment is simple: to elevate your recovery and pain relief experience using innovative solutions that set new standards.

IsoCaps Technology - Precision in Every Drop
At the core of PHYSIK is our patent pending IsoCapsTM technology, designed for optimal absorption of CBD and other functional ingredients. This revolutionary approach, developed by Spoke Sciences, ensures faster and more effective relief precisely where you need it, the way you want it.

Natural Ingredients, Backed by Science
Created by a team of pharmaceutical veterans, PHYSIK products feature certified CBD isolate from organically grown hemp, and other functional ingredients, for a pain relief experience beyond the ordinary.

Transparency and Trust
Your well-being is paramount. So, at PHYSIK we prioritize transparency, with every product undergoing rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of purity and potency. We list all our ingredients on the label, so know what you are using.

Experience the Physik Difference
At PHYSIK, science and nature converge for your well-being. Join us in redefining pain relief. With IsoCaps technology, our products offer a shorter path to better living—naturally.